A Message From Suzanne Klapp

Scottsdale City Councilwoman Suzanne KlappServing you as Councilwoman for over eight years has been both rewarding and challenging. For most of that time Scottsdale was faced with a significant drop in revenues from the recession. Our fiscal picture has improved considerably more recently, and now Scottsdale is again experiencing growth and prosperity.

I have embraced strategic planning throughout my tenure on the Scottsdale City Council, and our ability to withstand difficult times and work toward continually improving the community is paying off. In the last two years the city and the council have agreed on a work plan, with priorities for moving Scottsdale forward. The Council’s priorities are mine as well, and I am fully committed to them.

-Suzanne Klapp

 Suzanne Klapp’s Priorities:

  • Revitalize the McDowell Road Corridor
  • Focus on economic development to create jobs and support high quality city services
  • Support capital projects and events to encourage tourism
  • Develop a stronger bus and trolley system
  • Maintain fiscally sustainable operating and capital budgets
  • Encourage and support high performing city employees